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Racy REGGAETON with Susann
Pure Fitness ifc mall 
Saturday, 11 February

This was no ordinary workshop for no ordinary dance style. Reggaeton is hot Latin dance music with roots in hip-hop, salsa and reggae – and dancing to it requires a mix of sensual moves and unbridled confidence. So even the basic movements were easier seen than done! Popping the chest left and right and pumping it in and out, pushing the hips side to side, front and back, gyrating in circles like maneouvring a steering wheel to turn left and right. Not to mention that each lock, pop and swivel had to be perfectly synced to the moderately fast tempo!

And this was just the warm-up….meant to loosen up the body, like undoing the screws and the joints. Progress came slowly but surely, as participants shook off their inhibitions, let their hair down, moved with sweeping drama and flaunted some steaminess. Everyone was super keen to learn, to try, to practise, to get from better to great. By the end of the workshop, the class was amazed at what their bodies were capable of in this lesson of expression.