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Temporary Closure FAQ • 中心關閉期間的常見問題

Last Updated: 18:00, 27 March 2020

Questions we have been asked about our closure period.  中文版

We’d like to thank you for your patience during this challenging time across Hong Kong and indeed worldwide. The following are questions we have been asked during this time; we are actively monitoring the situation in line with the Centre for Health Protection’s guidelines and will continue to update out community based on this.

Please note that we will not process any Autopay billing on 30 March.
If you rent a locker – all locker agreements will be extended by 14 days.
We ask you to please download and install the Pure360Lifestyle App to stay updated on all communications. iOS | Android

Live-Streamed Classes

Whilst our locations are temporarily closed, we have no intention of letting your yoga practice or workouts slip. Our live-stream schedule is expanding fast with content on @PureYogaOfficial and @PureFitnessOfficial IG pages.

If you don’t have IG, all classes will be uploaded to our Pure Yoga Official and Pure Fitness Official YouTube channels for anytime viewing! Give us your feedback and let us know what else you want to see. And be sure to check MyPureYoga.com for complimentary access to hundreds of Yoga and Meditation videos, a pose library, interviews and other useful content.


1. What information is available on the confirmed cases of members testing positive for COVID-19?

We are committed to sharing the details surrounding affected visits with our community, as soon as we receive information needed for cardholder identification from the Centre for Health Protection.

We have shared details of Case 195, Case 248 and Case 339.

On 24 March, we have identified the details of another male individual who tested positive for COVID-19 – Case 227.

Below is the record of all identified cases and their visits to Pure locations:



Case 195 (Male)

The cardholder visited our locations on the following dates and times over the 14 days prior to being tested:

  • Pure Fitness California Tower – March 5 (12:18), 6 (18:57), 10 (13:08) and 11 (12.29)
  • Pure Fitness ICBC – March 4 (19:15), 8 (14:35) 12 (18:58), 14 (12:04) and 15 (14:56)
  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre – March 16 (19:39)

He trained alone at Pure Fitness California Tower and at Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre, and only with a Personal Trainer at Pure Fitness ICBC. The Personal Trainer who had contact with the cardholder has shown no signs of the virus but has been checked and cleared by a doctor and is quarantined for the next 14 days whilst awaiting test results. The trainer’s clients who trained with the PT since the affected client’s sessions have been informed. During these visits, the above cardholder did not take any Group Fitness classes, nor use steam or sauna facilities, nor the nood food area. The cardholder first showed signs of the virus on 17 March and was tested positive on the evening of 18 March.  

Case 199 (Male)

We continue to investigate Case 199 (Male). Due to privacy reasons, the Centre for Health Protection will not share the details, and have said the individual has been requested to voluntarily contact us. We will share details of his visits as soon as we receive this needed information.

Case 227 (Male)

This is the record of his visits to Pure Fitness California Tower, ICBC and Kinwick Centre in March:

  • Pure Fitness California Tower - March 4 (19:30) attended the 19:40 RPM class, March 14 (18:17 – no classes) and Mach 15 (15:59) attended the 17:10 BODYPUMP
  • Pure Fitness ICBC - March 5 (19:27) attended the 19:40 Pilates class and 20:45 BODYPUMP
  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre - March 8 (16:35) attended the 17:00 Pilates class and 18:10 BODYPUMP

The individual showed no symptoms until March 17 and tested positive on March 19. He did not train with a PT and did not visit the sauna/steam room or nood food. Due to privacy reasons, we are unable to share any additional information on the staff that taught those classes, but they have been in quarantine and are in good health with no symptoms.

Case 248 (Male)

The individual trained at :

  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre on March 9 (18:47), March 13 (18:49) and March 16 (19:30)

The cardholder trained with a Personal Trainer on March 13 and March 16. The trainer has been quarantined whilst awaiting the result of their test, whilst other clients who have trained with the same Personal Trainer since the affected client’s recent sessions have also been informed of this procedure. The cardholder did not take any Group Fitness classes nor use the steam room. He visited the nood food café and used the sauna. He began feeling unwell on March 17 and tested positive on March 19.

Case 339 (Male)

This is the record of his visits to Pure Fitness ICBC and ifc:

  • Pure Fitness ICBC - March 9 (18:30), 16 (18:43) and 17 (19:05)
  • Pure Fitness ifc – March 10 (18:41), 11 (18:36), 18 (19:10)

The individual trained with a Personal Trainer at Pure Fitness ICBC on March 9 (18:30), 16 (18.45) and 17 (19:10).  He did not use the steam room or sauna. He visited the nood café at ICBC. At Pure Fitness ifc, he trained by himself, did not attend any Group Fitness Class and did not use the steam room or sauna.

The individual started feeling unwell on 20 March and tested positive on 22 March. His Personal Trainer has no symptoms. The trainer's other clients are being informed and he is in quarantine whilst awaiting his test results.  


2. What actions have been taken upon the cases testing positive?

Your safety, and the safety of our staff, is a key priority for us.

On the evening of Wednesday, 18 March – we were informed of the first case - Case 195.

We immediately activated a deep cleaning process across all three locations that the Cardholder visited: Pure Fitness California Tower, Pure Fitness ICBC and Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre, using Ecolab Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner, which meets the standards of the USA’s Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria in relation to COVID-19.

We informed members via the Pure 360 app, by email and with signage in the indicated locations to ensure that people were aware of the situation before entering the premises.

On the afternoon of Thursday, 19 March – we were made aware of a second case - Case 199.

Whilst we still do not have details of this case, we took the immediate decision to close the locations involved for a period of 14 days and, as a precaution, to close all other Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga locations for two days at that time - 20 and 21 March (Friday and Saturday) for deep cleaning.

On the afternoon of Friday, 20 March – we were informed of other individuals reported as testing positive with COVID-19 and who may have visited Pure Fitness. As a precautionary measure, we made the decision to close all Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga Hong Kong locations for 14 days with immediate effect from Friday, 20 March. During the closure period, each location is undergoing a thorough, sealed deep cleaning process.

Since then, we have identified these individuals as Case 227, Case 248 and Case 339.


3. How are those who visited the clubs on same days as the confirmed cases affected?

We have shared details on the locations, dates and time that cases 195, 227, 248 and 339 visited our centres and are committed to continue sharing further details as soon as we receive the requested, and needed, information. This is a key priority, and our commitment to you.

On Friday 20 March, we made the decision to close all Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga Hong Kong locations for 14 days. In the meantime, all staff in the affected centres are undergoing a 14-day home-quarantine, and Personal Trainers who trained with the affected cardholders have been checked by medical practitioners and await their test results while in quarantine. We will share any updates as soon as we have more information.

As per information on the FAQs prepared by the Centre for Health Protection, the main mode of transmission is through respiratory droplets and the virus can also be transmitted through direct contact.

We advise that you follow the recommendations from the Centre for Health Protection and if you feel unwell, please seek medical attention.


4. How can I terminate my account?

If you'd like to apply for termination, we will follow our normal procedures. Please refer to our Termination Procedures for Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga.


5. Will suspension during this period count towards the maximum 3 months’ quota for the year?

We are excluding this closure period from the quota of three months maximum per year.


6. Is there any limit to how long I can suspend for?

At the moment, we are allowing three months suspension during this time. Suspensions within in February and March will not count towards the yearly quota; you may apply for additional suspension when your current one ends, and we will review accordingly.


7. I have already paid for suspension of my account. How are you going to adjust/compensate for the complimentary 14-day?

Cardholders on paid suspension will be entitled to a refund of their suspension fee to the amount of HK$144

  • Dues agreement – you can choose to have the amount adjusted on your next Autopay payment OR choose to accept a nood voucher worth HK$300 OR choose to obtain a refund by credit to your credit card.
  • Prepaid agreements - you can choose to have your contract period extended by the equivalent of HK$144 OR choose to accept a nood voucher worth HK$300 OR choose to obtain a refund by credit to your credit card.

 Active cardholders

  • Dues agreement – you can choose to have the 14-day fee waiver adjusted on your next autopay payment OR choose to accept a nood voucher worth HK$700 for single club agreements or HK$1,000 for multi-club agreements.
  • Prepaid agreements – you can choose to have your contract period extended by 14 days OR you choose to accept a nood voucher worth HK$700 for single club agreements or HK$1,000 for multi-club agreements.

Monthly Rental lockers – all locker agreements will be extended by 14 days

Reimbursement for Closure Period

Please check out this link to a form where you can tell us your reimbursement preferences for the 14-day closure period. Please let us know within 7 days (by Tue 31 March) and we’ll process your request as soon as possible. If we don’t hear from you, we’ll automatically adjust your next Autopay payment or, for prepaid Cardholders, extend the duration of your contract. Note that auto payments will not be collected on 30 March and will only be reactivated 15 April, after our locations re-open.

nood food Vouchers

  • Vouchers are in $50 denomination, valid until 31 December 2020.
  • Multiple vouchers can be used per transaction.
  • This voucher must be used in full at one time. No change or credit will be given for any unused balance.


8. I have a rental locker – can I access the club to retrieve some of my belongings?

Unfortunately, we are unable to allow access during the closure. You will be able to access your locker and your belongings when we reopen the clubs. Please rest assured that all monthly rental locker agreements will be extended by 14 days.


9. I have already applied for suspension earlier, but I did not get any confirmation.

Rest assured we will make the necessary arrangements and if we have already billed you for the suspension, you can avail of the options presented – see Question 7.


10. I have applied for suspension, but I still got charged. Why?

We need 10 days’ notice prior to your autopay to stop the next billing; it may be likely that we received your request, but it was past the automated cut-off, and there was not enough time to stop the autopay from taking place. But please do not worry, we will make the necessary adjustment.


11. Can I backdate my suspension period as I have not visited for a while?

We will apply complimentary suspension for 14 days (20 March – 02 April) for all Pure cardholders in light of the all-locations closure. See answer to Question 7. Unfortunately, we are unable to backdate the 14-day suspension period.

In addition, we can only process suspension from the day Pure receives the request in writing (via email, message, via the app).


12. What will happen to the expiry date of packages and services?

Please note we will extend validity of all Agreements, including Personal Training, Private Yoga, Nutrition Services, or any other Private services to account for the 14 days.

If you have a nood or Pure Apparel Voucher, please note validity will also be extended to account for the 14 days.

Please note that Power Pack and Pal Pass activations have been extended from 31 March to 30 April 2020.

If you have already activated your Power Pack, Pal Pass or any other complimentary trial pass, we will extend the validity by the remaining balance of days when we re-open.


  • You had 10 days left on your Power Pack. When we re-open, you will have 10 days left to use it.
  • You activated a 14-day Trial Pass with 4 days left. When we re-open, you will have 4 days left to use it.

Additionally, ‘one club’ access promotion or trial passes will have extended validity with the closure period in mind.


For additional questions, please send us a message from your Pure360 Lifestyle App. (Go to Profile > Settings > Contact Us)
Or send us inquiry via the Pure websites ( Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom corner of the website)





最後更新:2020年3月27日 18:00



請下載及安裝Pure360Lifestyle應用程式,緊貼我們的最新消息。 iOS | Android


在我們的中心關閉期間,您的瑜伽及健身訓練將不會因此而停擺。我們已於@PureYogaOfficial @PureFitnessOfficial instagram帳號中為您準備了大量直播課堂。

如您尚沒有Instagram帳號,不用擔心,我們會將課堂轉載至Pure Yoga Official Pure Fitness Official YouTube頻道,讓您隨時投入動運的節奏。若您有任何意見,或希望觀賞甚麼類型的課堂,歡迎留言給我們。除此,您更可登上MyPureYoga.com欣賞過百段免費瑜伽/冥想課堂、瑜伽動作資料庫、瑜伽導師們的訪談及其他實用資訊。


1. 就已確診新型冠狀病毒的個案,有甚麼資料可供透露?






個案195 (男性)


  • Pure Fitness California Tower – 3月5日 (12:18)、6日 (18:57)、10日 (13:08) 及11日 (12:29)
  • Pure Fitness ICBC – 3月4日 (19:15)、8日 (14:35)、12日 (18:58)、14日 (12:04) 及15日 (14:56)
  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre – 3月16日 (19:39)

該名男持卡人於Pure Fitness California Tower及Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre只作獨自訓練,唯於Pure Fitness ICBC則進行私人教練課堂。其私人教練沒有任何病徵出現並已經接受測試,在等待結果期間已被安排自我隔離14天;而我們亦已聯絡該私人教練的其他學員。在以上的到訪記錄當中,該持卡人並沒有參與任何團體訓練課程、使用任何蒸氣室、桑拿室或到nood food區域用膳。而該持卡人於3月17日首次出現病徵,並於翌日晚上確診。

個案199 (男性)


個案227 (男性)

以下為該男持卡人在三月份於Pure Fitness California Tower、ICBC及Kinwick Centre的到訪記錄:

  • Pure Fitness California Tower – 3月4日 (19:30) 參與19:40的RPM課堂、3月14日 (18:17 – 並沒有參與課堂) 及15日 (15:59) 參與17:10的BODYPUMP課堂
  • Pure Fitness ICBC - 3月5日 (19:27) 參與19:40的Pilates課堂,及20:45的BODYPUMP課堂
  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre – 3月8日 (16:35) 參與17:00的Pilates課堂,及18:10的BODYPUMP課堂

該名持卡人於3月17日前並沒有任何病徵出現,及後於3月19日確診。他並沒有進行私人訓練課堂、沒有使用蒸氣室/桑拿室,及沒有到nood food用膳。基於私隱理由,我們不便透露負責任教以上課堂的導師資料,他們現已接受自我隔離,而且並沒有任何徵狀。

個案248 (男性)


  • Pure Fitness Kinwick Centre on 3月9日 (18:47)、3月13日 (18:49) 及3月16日 (19:30)

該持卡人於3月13日及16日進行私人訓練課堂,其私人教練在等待檢測結果期間已被安排自我隔離。該私人教練的其他學員,凡與上述私人訓練課堂於時間上相近者,亦已被通知採取相同對應措施。該持卡人並沒有參與任何團體訓練課程或使用任何蒸氣室,但曾使用桑拿室及曾到nood food café用膳。他於3月17日開始感到不適,並於3月19日確診。

個案339 (男性)


  • Pure Fitness ICBC – 3月9日 (18:30)、16日 (18:43) 及 17日 (19:05)
  • Pure Fitness ifc – 3月10日 (18:41)、11日 (18:36) 及18日 (19:10)

該名男子於3月9日 (18:30)、16日 (18:45) 及 17日 (19:10)在Pure Fitness ICBC進行私人訓練課程,期間他曾到nood café用膳,而他並沒有使用任何蒸氣室或桑拿室。在到訪Pure Fitness ifc期間,他只作獨自訓練,未有參與任何團體訓練課程或使用任何蒸氣室或桑拿室。



2. 當得悉確診持卡人的個案後,有甚麼相應行動?


打從318日晚上,於本中心的第一宗確診個案開始(個案195),我們已立即於3個確診持卡人到訪過的中心,啟動Ecolab Neutral深層清潔消毒程序。該消毒程序合乎美國環境保護處的嚴格標準,並有效消滅新冠狀病毒。我們已透過Pure 360應用程式、電郵及中心內的告示通知3個中心的持卡人,以確保他們在進入中心前已了解相關狀況。

我們亦已密切留意319日下午的第二個確診個案(個案199),當時我們已立即決定關閉涉事中心為期14天。我們亦繼而決定於32021(星期五及星期六)關閉香港所有Pure FitnessPure Yoga中心以作預防及作全面消毒。

隨後於320(星期五)的下午,我們得悉多一名已確診的持卡人到訪過我們的中心。為作預防,我們立即決定由當日(320)起關閉香港所有Pure FitnessPure Yoga中心為期14天,在關閉中心期間,每一個中心均會接受全面深層消毒程序。



3. 和已確診持卡人到訪同一中心的受影響持卡人,該如何處理?


在3月20日星期五,我們已即時決定關閉香港所有Pure Fitness及Pure Yoga中心為期14天。與此同時,所有涉事中心的員工皆被安排在家自我隔離14天;確診持卡人的私人教練已安排病毒檢測,在等待結果期間亦會進行自我隔離,而我們若收到最新資訊後亦會立即對外公開。



4. 如何終止合約?

如您欲申請終止合約,我們會以一貫程序執行。詳情請參閱Pure FitnessPure Yoga的終止合約程序。


5. 這段關閉中心的期間,會被計作一年最多暫停3個月的暫停合約限額內嗎?



6. 有否限制暫停合約的期限?



7. 我已繳付暫停合約費用,請問會否就關閉中心14天而對我作出費用調整或賠償?


  • 每月繳費合約:您可以選擇在下一次自動繳費時調整繳付款項,或接受nood food HK$300現金券;您亦可選擇我們將款項退到您的信用卡。
  • 預繳合約:您可以選擇將HK$144化在您的合約當中延長,或接受nood food HK$300現金券;您亦可以選擇我們將款項退到您的信用卡。


  • 每月繳費合約:您可以在下一次自動繳費時,選擇14天免月費,或接受nood food HK$700現金券(單一中心合約)/nood food HK$1,000現金券(多間中心合約)。
  • 預繳合約:您可選擇將合約免費延長14天,或接受nood food HK$700現金券(單一中心合約)/nood food HK$1,000現金券(多間中心合約)。




 nood food現金券

  • 現金券面額為HK$50,有效期為20201231日。
  • 每次交易可使用多張現金券。
  • 此現金券須作一次性使用,餘額可作退款或預留作下一次使用。

8. 我已租用了鞋櫃,請問可否前往中心取回物品?

很抱歉,關閉中心期間,我們者時未能讓持卡人到中心取回物品。當我們的中心重新開放後,您可以返回所屬中心取回櫃內物品。 請留意月租鞋櫃合約會自動延長14天。


9. 我於早前已申請暫停合約,但我仍未收到有關通知。



10. 我申請了暫停合約,但為何我仍要繳付款項?



11. 我已沒有到訪Pure好一段日子,請問可否將暫停合約的時間推前?




12. 有關其他通行優惠及服務,它們的到期日會有有變?


如果您持有nood food或Pure Apparel的現金券/優惠券,其到期日亦可延長14天。

請留意,Power PackPal Pass的啟用日將會由331日延至430日。

如您已啟用您的Power PackPal Pass或其他通行優惠,我們在重開中心後,會將您的到期日延長,確保您得到與以上優惠相同的日數。


  • 您的Power Pack尚有10天使用期 : 當我們重開中心後,您將會得到10天的使用期
  • 如您啟用了14天通行優惠,而優惠尚餘4天 : 當我們重開中心後,您將會得到4天的使用期

而且,”One Club”免費通行優惠及其他免費通行在關閉中心期間將會延期



如有任何疑問,請透過Pure360 Lifestyle App 手機應用程式向我們提出 (請到個人資料>設定>聯絡我們) 或透過我們的網頁提出疑問 (請按網頁下方的「聯絡我們」)。