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About PURE

Established in 2002 and headquartered in Hong Kong, The PURE Group is the leading premium lifestyle brand in Asia, comprising PURE Yoga, PURE Fitness, KURIOS, nood food, PURE Nutrition, and PURE Online. The Group has locations in major cities including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, and New York.

PURE Yoga offers a wide range of yoga and meditation classes, including private programmes, and workshops led by acclaimed teachers from across the world. PURE Fitness provides the best strength and cardio training options, as well as dynamic group classes led by enthusiastic and experienced world-class instructors. KURIOS is the Group's source of function-meets-fashion products, while nood food serves healthy and delicious cuisine. PURE Nutrition offers tailored programmes to support healthy lifestyle choices, and FUZE provides innovative small group training.

The PURE Group aims to cultivate an integrated community of individuals committed to leading a balanced, 360˚ lifestyle. The Group currently boasts over 100,000 clients and more than 2,000 employees, all dedicated to helping people achieve their wellness goals.

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The PURE Group

Why we're here

We inspire and help people to lead healthier, happier lives.

What we do

Through Yoga, Fitness, healthy eating and activewear,
we offer a complete lifestyle experience driven
by a passionate customer-focused culture.


From a single yoga studio in Hong Kong with
just two teachers in 2002, the PURE Group has today
grown to over 42 world-class facilities globally,
of which 22 locations are in Hong Kong.


The PURE Group Family of Brands

PURE Yoga offers exceptional teaching, facilities and environments that inspire people of all ages and abilities to make yoga part of their lives. With locations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and New York, PURE Yoga connects practitioners and teachers on a global level by fulfilling diverse needs through various yoga offerings and a team of internationally recognised teachers. Complementing group classes, private sessions and group privates are community events, workshops with guest yoga teachers from around the globe, Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education for Teachers programmes, and retreats in idyllic locales. Learn more at

PURE Fitness inspires and helps people to lead healthier, happier lives. Specialty facilities include the world's first 270° Immersive Fitness™ studio, dedicated boxing and kickboxing spaces, power lifting platform, athletic turf, movement zone, Life Fitness and Technogym equipment, Iron Grip and Eleiko Free Weights, Performance Cardio, and an extensive range of training tools including Kettlebells Bulgarian Bags, Pilates Reformer, TRX and Medicine Balls.

With prime locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, PURE's international team consists of PTA Global certified trainers and passionate instructors who lead over 50 types of Group Fitness classes weekly – Les Mills programmes ,  Pilates, TRX, Barre, various dance classes, and a series of freestyle circuit class options such as Tabata. 

PURE Online is a pioneering digital content and service platform that extends PURE’s in-person group classes, private sessions, online learning and workshops via live-streaming and on-demand services.

Exclusively for our community of active Cardholders, PURE Online offers PURE Yoga and PURE Fitness live-streamed classes via Zoom for a group workout or practice experience wherever you are. With over 200 Yoga and Group Fitness classes to choose from weekly, be inspired by the group class energy and exhilaration LIVE from the comfort of your home or wherever you may be, or stream via the 72-hour replay feature.

 PURE Online website is a bilingual English-Chinese online video platform to support and grow the global yoga community. Browse the expansive range of yoga content available – from classes to series in varied styles, levels and duration. A journey that starts with who you are now, grows with who you want to be and evolves to unveil what you have yet to become. Welcome to PURE Online – the Yoga Adventure of a Lifetime. Learn more at

FUZE by PURE Fitness – boutique group training with a bang! World-class strength, boxing, cardio and functional HIIT in an electrifying environment. World-exclusive Les Mills programmes plus PURE’s own dynamic workouts.

Boutique buzz x variety and progression. Sweat and intensity x luxe amenities. FUZE gets you fired up. Ignited. Inspired. Where you burn it to earn it.

Launched in December 2019 and currently at 3 locations – PURE Fitness Kinwick Centre and International Trade Tower in Hong Kong, and PURE Fitness Suntec City in Singapore. Coming soon to Shanghai. Learn more at

PURE Nutrition was founded in early 2019 with the aim of helping people to make sustainable, enjoyable, evidence-based changes to their eating and cooking habits -- thus enabling them to improve health, performance and body composition. Our team of professionally trained nutritionists and dietitians work in tandem with PURE Fitness and PURE Yoga to complete PURE Group’s 360 Wellness offering. We take a ‘food first’ approach, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive diet to help support a healthy body weight and an active, fulfilling lifestyle. Through a combination of goal-setting, accountability and education, we empower our clients to become the masters of their own diets so that they can maintain their results for the long term. Learn more at

KURIOS is a wellness and athleisure concept brand with locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore. As part of the PURE family, they aim to ignite 'kuriosity' in the body and mind with a selection of aspirational and inspirational brands and products from around the world. Learn more at

At nood food, we make REAL food healthy and delicious. We offer only the good stuff. Raw, organic, additive-free, unprocessed food at its nutritional peak. Learn more at