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Innovation Lab

Get first access to the latest Fitness Tech!

Innovation Lab is the hub of all techie, progressive, functional and fun stuff at PURE Fitness.

With increasingly more gadgets designed to inform and optimise your workout, how do you know what actually works? Enter Innovation Lab. This is where you get first access to the latest – and possibly greatest – innovations out there.

After the play, have your say – tell us what you think of what we feature in the Innovation Lab. A hit or a miss? If a product gets majority thumbs-up, we’ll keep it!

Look for the Innovation Lab logo on new pieces of equipment and gadgets in our gyms, and on our PURE Fitness Facebook posts and website.

You can’t catch the future – but it’s great fun trying!


Locations: Various PURE Fitness locations – Find the equipment with the Innovation Lab logo!
Time: Each piece of equipment only stays for a limited time!

Try our innovations and give us your feedback!
Experiences currently available:

See our past experiences here.

We have also launched a Virtual Reality Playlist at PURE-fitness.com/vr
Stay tuned to the PURE Fitness Facebook and PURE-fitness.com/lab to stay up to date with Fitness Innovations!
For enquiries or if you are a fitness equipment manufacturer, please contact us at digital@PURE-international.com


Fresh from the Innovation Lab



WAVEpro was developed for training and competition preparation in elite sports for professional athletes. The patented rocker design permanently stresses the musculature consciously and unconsciously, leading to a targeted build-up of deep muscles. When exercising on balancing equipment, it increases the stabilisation effects of the training programme. The WAVEpro reacts very sensitively to every movement, making each workout a unique and fun experience.

WAVEpro is now available for a limited-time trial at PURE Fitness Lee Theatre Plaza and PURE Fitness Langham PlaceWe strongly recommend that you use it with the assistance of a ProPT, so feel free to speak with our staff at the ProPT counter.




FieldPower offers an ever-present force during any sport specific action. Improve agility, stability, acceleration, vertical leap and more with an almost constant resistance. The FieldPower enables any type of movement using resistance from any direction, from any part of the body. It is the perfect device for resistance and assistance training.

FieldPower is now available for trying at PURE Fitness California Tower - LKF for a limited time! It must be used with the assistance of a ProPT, so feel free to speak with our staff at the ProPT counter if you would like to try.




Exxentric kBox - Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2011 – Exxentric is a company that develops innovative science-based training equipment and methods for strength and conditioning. Today, Exxentric's products are used by performance coaches, ProPTs and physioterapists worldwide. The kBox is Exxentric's flagship product, based on decade-long experience in flywheel training technology. Supported by scientific evidence, flywheel training on the kBox increases the effectiveness of your strength training by applying the inertia of a flywheel instead of simple gravity to create optimal resistance.

The kBox is now available for trying at PURE Fitness ifc and  PURE Fitness California Tower for a limited time! It must be used with the assistance of a ProPT, so feel free to speak with our staff at the ProPT counter if you would like to try.