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Online ProTraining Guidelines for Clients

Materials needed

  • Good internet connection
  • Previously agreed upon (with the trainer) video conference platform such as Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp video, Zoom, WeChat video, LINE
  • Laptop, tablet, mobile phone or iPad
  • Fitness tools such as a yoga mat, suspension training devices, foam roller, push-up handles, resistance bands, etc.

Suggestions for the mobile device

  • Should either be plugged in or fully charged
  • Should be set such that notifications and calls are turned off to avoid interference with the connection
  • As big a viewing screen as possible - so laptop more ideal than a phone (though the latter will suffice)

Suggestions on set-up

  • Choose a room with optimal high-speed internet connection
  • Room should be undisturbed and quiet during the class
  • Mat should face perpendicular to the device so that the teacher can view the student sideways
  • Device camera should not face a lit window as this will obscure the teacher's ability to view the student's practice properly. (The brightness will dim the student who is in the foreground of the camera frame

Suggestions during the class

  • Prepare all set-up prior to the start of class so that this does not cut into class time
  • Wear proper workout attire
  • Have all props and water nearby