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Reformer Pilates

Reservation for classes can be made up to 2 days in advance of the class date.

About Reformer Pilates Passes - something you need to know before purchase 

  • Improved core strength and stability
  • Enhanced posture and reduced muscle imbalance
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Increased balance, coordination, flexibility, and body awareness Stress reduction and improved mental well-being through breathing techniques and mindful movement
Reformer Pilates classes are suitable for a wide range of individuals, including beginners and those with varying levels of fitness. Reformer Pilates is particularly beneficial for individuals who are looking to improve their core strength, overall stability and mobility. Other benefits include better posture, toned muscles, enhanced athletic performance, and overall well-being. For individuals with specific goals, such as injury recovery, post-natal comeback or rehabilitation, private Reformer Pilates classes can be tailored to meet them.
The purpose of this class is to familiarize students with the Reformer machine and the foundational exercises practiced on it. It is an introductory class that provides participants with confidence and a sense of safety when practicing Pilates.
You can take the Foundation class as many times as you want before you are ready for Level 1 or mixed level classes.
To ensure a high standard of safety and maintain the quality of the class, we ask that all participants complete at least one Foundation class as a prerequisite before attending Level 1 Reformer Pilates classes.
If you have undertaken any Reformer Pilates training previously, please email us at with a copy of your certificate and we will waive this requirement.

There are various classes to further enhance your practice:

  • Reform – Burn: A high-intensity class focusing on sculpting your muscles to accelerate calorie burn, with all kinds of props.
  • Reformer Core / Reformer Pilates – Garuda Flow 1: A mixed level class that enhances the core, muscle strength, stamina and awareness.
  • Reform – Flow / Reformer Pilates: A dynamic and low-impact Reformer class gives participants a full-body workout and includes foundational exercises.
Yoga and Pilates are both popular practices that offer numerous physical and mental benefits, but they differ in many aspects:
Yoga utilises a wide range of postures, sequences, and breathing exercises.
Pilates is primarily practised with the aid of specialised equipment, such as the Reformer machine, Cadillac or mat exercises. It involves specific movements that target core muscles, along with controlled breathing patterns.
Yoga emphasises the unity of the body, mind, and spirit. It aims to promote overall well-being, increase flexibility, build strength, enhance balance and cultivate mindfulness.
Pilates, while also promoting body-mind connection, primarily focuses on physical strength, core stability, flexibility, and alignment. It emphasises controlled movements, proper form and precision.
Consult with a healthcare professional to get medical clearance before you take any exercise. In general, Reformer Pilates can be beneficial for injury rehabilitation, as the machine provides support and allows for controlled movements. However, modifications and precautions may be necessary to ensure your safety and to prevent further injury.
Here are some general guidelines:
  • Consult with a professional and seek advice
  • Inform the instructor about your injuries, its severity and any limitations or precautions you have been advised to take
  • Take a low-intensity class such as the Foundation Reformer class
We offer flexible Reformer Pilates packages that provide access to all locations, with the only exception being PURE Fitness ifc mall. The Reformer Pilates classes offered there are only accessible to PURE Cardholders whose service plan includes ifc mall. Please visit reception for package details.

In the App, please select "PURE+" tab to book Reformer Pilates classes upon purchasing valid service plan(s).