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Latest Information & FAQ

Last Updated: 14:27h, 24 November 2020


In the late evening of 23 November (Monday), we were informed that a PURE Yoga Lincoln House Cardholder was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on 23 November – Case 5680 – we wish her a speedy recovery.

According to contact tracing guidelines from the Centre for Health Protection, all Cardholders who took the same classes as the affected Cardholder over the 3 days prior to being tested are being individually contacted and will have their contract suspended for 14 days.

We assure you of the utmost hygiene and safety at all our locations but recommend that you take a precautionary COVID-19 test if you’re experiencing any symptoms.

Visits of the affected Cardholder in the 3 days prior to being tested (note that she has no symptoms and wore a mask during her classes):

  • 21 Nov - checked in at 14:27 for an Alignment 1 class at 14:40
  • 19 Nov - checked in at 10:19 for a Vinyasa 1 class at 10.30

We’re immediately taking the following steps to safeguard our community.

  • PURE Yoga Lincoln House will be temporarily closed from 24-26 November for deep cleaning and will re-open on Friday 27 November
  • All staff at this location are being tested for COVID-19
  • PURE Yoga Lincoln House single-club Cardholders are welcome to use all other PURE Yoga locations from 24 November to 8 December inclusive

PURE Yoga Peninsula Office Tower – we are pleased to confirm:

  • Deep Cleaning was completed and this studio re-opened with your favourite classes at 7am today, 24 November.
  • All staff at this location have tested negative for COVID-19
  • PURE Yoga Peninsula Office Tower single-club Cardholders are welcome to use our other PURE Yoga locations until Friday, 4 December (inclusive).

As communicated on 20 November; we were informed that a PURE Yoga Peninsula Office Tower Cardholder was confirmed positive for COVID-19 on 19 November – Case 5517 – she is feeling well and has no symptoms but remains in the hospital following Government regulations.

Visits of the affected Cardholder from 17-19 November to PURE Yoga Peninsula Office Tower (note that she had no symptoms and wore a mask during her classes):

  • Wed 18 Nov – checked in at 12:16 for a Hot Vinyasa 1 class at 12:30
  • Tue 17 Nov – checked in at 12:32 for a Detox Flow class at 12:45

Following the contact tracing guidelines from the Centre for Health Protection, we have individually contacted all Students who took the same classes as the affected Cardholder from 17-19 November and have suspended their accounts for 14 days (20 November – 4 December inclusive).

For additional enquiries, please send us a message from your PURE360 Lifestyle App. (Go to Profile > Settings > Contact Us) or email us via the PURE websites (Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom corner of the website).

Please download and install the PURE360Lifestyle App to stay updated on all communications. iOS | Android

Also in light of the recent increase in local COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, we have further enhanced our safety measures at all PURE Fitness & PURE Yoga Hong Kong. Please see below.   

All PURE Yoga and PURE Fitness Hong Kong locations follow and implement all safety measures and disinfection processes in accordance with the World Health Organization and the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection’s guidelines.


What to expect:


  • Mandatory temperature checks on entry.
  • From Saturday, 21 November mask-wearing will be mandatory throughout PURE locations at all times INCLUDING DURING EXERCISE except when showering, eating or drinking.
  • We’re happy to offer mask brackets on request. Just ask at reception, these can make breathing a little easier!
    • The definition of mask includes any covering designed or made (a) to be worn over the nose and mouth (b) to protect the wearer against infections or air pollution. Source: Centre for Health Protection and Food and Health Bureau
  • You must monitor yourself whilst exercising with a mask and should rest if you feel unwell or at all uncomfortable.
  • The ICBC swimming pool is open with 50% maximum capacity.
  • All our Customer Representatives, Personal Trainers and Cleaners will wear masks at all times.
  • All Cardholders and guests must complete a quick online declaration form to confirm that neither they, nor anyone they live with, have travelled within the past 14 days – this can be done within the PURE 360 Lifestyle app before your visit. Anyone (including airline crew, travellers of the HK-Singapore Air Travel bubble and HK residents under the Return2hk Travel Scheme) who has returned or lives with anyone who has returned from overseas must refrain from visiting PURE locations for 14 days commencing their date of return. There are no exceptions to this requirement.


  • Regular disinfection of all locations and equipment.
  • Hand sanitiser, disinfectant spray and cloths provided throughout our gyms. Please use these frequently and wipe down all equipment after use. 
  • Drinking fountains remain closed – don’t forget to bring your own water.
  • FDA / EPA safety-proofed sterilising misting machines in all PURE locations that effectively kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.



  • In line with government regulations, we continue to observe adequate distance in all Yoga and Group Fitness classes.
  • Cardio machines spaced 1.5-metres apart or separated by screens. Strength equipment will be configured to avoid users being in the same breathing zone.
  • Customers queuing at reception spaced at 1-metre apart.
  • Sauna and steam rooms remain closed until further notice.
  • Starting 18 September, advanced booking increases to two group fitness classes and two yoga classes per person per day – with walk-in or standby still available.

These measures combined will keep the PURE environment safe and comfortable for all. But they only work if EVERYONE plays their part. 

Don't visit if you're feeling unwell. Use the cloths and disinfectant sprays provided. Wash your hands regularly with soap. Keep masks on as required. We'll stay strong as a responsible and unified community - #HKtogether



1) How can I apply for suspension?

If you'd like to apply for suspension, please take the time to read our Suspension Policy for PURE Fitness and PURE Yoga. 
If you would like to proceed, please fill out this form.

Suspension fee of HK$288 per month applies.


2) How can I re-activate my account?

If you are currently on suspension, we miss you and encourage you to reactivate your contract at any time – just fill in this super simple form


3) How can I terminate my account?

If you'd like to apply for termination, please take the time to read our Cancellation Policy for PURE Fitness and PURE Yoga. All termination requests must be made by filling out the termination form at any PURE location. If you are unable to visit any of our locations, please contact us.


We hope to have addressed most of the questions that you may have.
For additional enquiries, please send us a message from your PURE360 Lifestyle App. (Go to Profile > Settings > Contact Us) or email us via the PURE websites (Use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom corner of the website).

Please expect a delay. We will reply to you within 7 business days. We apologise in advance and thank you for your patience.


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­PURE TEAM



最近更新:2020年11月24日 19:02


早於1123日晚上,我們得悉PURE Yoga林肯大廈持卡人於1123日確診2019 冠狀病毒病 (Case 5680),在此希望她早日康復。                                   



以下為該確診持卡人於確診前3日的到訪記錄 (確診者於課堂當中並沒有病徵,及已戴上口罩):       

  • 11月21日:於下午2:27報到下午2:40的Alignment 1課堂
  • 11月19日:於上午10:19報到上午10:30的Vinyasa 1課堂


  • PURE Yoga林肯中心將於11月24-26日暫時關閉,以作深層消毒。中心將於11月27日重開。
  • 該中心所有員工皆進行2019冠狀病毒檢測。
  • PURE Yoga林肯中心單一中心持卡人可於11月24日至12月8日,繼續通行所有PURE中心。

有關PURE Yoga半島辦公室大樓,我們很高興地宣佈:

  • PURE Yoga半島辦公室大樓已成功徹底消毒,並且於今天(11月24日)早上7時開始教授您最喜愛的課堂。
  • 該中心所有員工經已進行2019冠狀病毒病的檢測,所有員工的檢測結果皆為陰性。
  • PURE Yoga半島辦公室大樓單一中心持卡人可於12月4日或之前,繼續通行所有PURE中心。

就11月20日所收到的消息,我們得悉一位PURE Yoga半島辦公室大樓持卡人於11月19日確診2019 冠狀病毒病 (Case 5517),她目前情況穩定,並沒有任何病徵。現時在特區政府指引下於醫院接受治療。

以下為該確診持卡人於1117-19日到訪PURE Yoga半島辦公室大樓的日子及時間 (確診者於課堂當中並沒有病徵,及已戴上口罩)       

  • 11月18日:於中午12:16報到中午12:30的Hot Vinyasa 1課堂
  • 11月17日:於中午12:32報到中午12:45的Detox Flow課堂


如有任何疑問,歡迎隨時於 PURE 360 Lifestyle應用程式發送電郵至info@pure-international.com (主頁> 設定>聯絡我們)。

請下載PURE 360 Lifestyle 應用程式,以了解我們的最新消息。iOS | Android

鑑於最近之2019冠狀病毒疫情於本港有持續上升之勢,故此我們已於PURE Yoga及PURE Fitness中心加強預防措施,請參閱以下詳情。
所有香港PURE Yoga及PURE Fitness中心將遵從並執行世界衞生組織及香港衞生署指引的安全措施及消毒程序。




  • 所有人進入中心前皆須量度體溫。
  • 我們將11月21日起加強預防措施:所有人士於PURE中心範圍內皆須強制性佩戴口罩,包括運動期間。而淋浴及飲食時則可豁免。我們亦會準備口罩棄置箱。
  • 如您於佩戴口罩運動時出現難於呼吸之情況,我們樂意為您提供口罩架,有助您減低不適感。歡迎隨時向我們查詢。
    - 口罩定義包括可作以下用途而設計或製造的覆蓋物品:(a)以覆蓋口和鼻的方式佩戴及(b)以保護佩戴者免受感染或空氣污染。資料來源:衞生防護中心和食物及衞生局。

  • 請您在佩戴口罩運動期間時刻監察自己的身體狀況,如感到任何不適,請先停下來休息。

  • 中國工商銀行大廈游泳池內人數最多為容納量的一半。

  • 所有客戶服務員、私人健身教練和清潔人員均會佩戴口罩。
  • 所有持卡人及訪客須填妥網上旅遊及健康申報表格,確認自己或同住成員於過去14天內並沒有外遊記錄。您可於到訪前,在PURE 360 Lifestyle應用程式內先填妥申報表格。請注意,任何人(包括空中服務人員、香港 - 新加坡「航空旅遊氣泡」的旅客及參與「回港易」計劃的香港居民)如由外地返港,或與外地返港人士同住,必須禁止進入任何PURE中心為期14天(由返港日起計),任何人均不得轄免


  • 所有中心和設施均會進行恆常及徹底的深層清潔程序。
  • 我們在健身室內準備了酒精搓手液、消毒噴霧和毛巾。請恆常使用,並於使用設備後將其擦拭乾淨。
  • 飲水機保持關閉,我們建議您可自備飲用水。
  • 所有PURE中心設置具有FDA/EPA安全認可,並有效清除有害細菌、病毒及真菌的噴霧機。


  • 根據特區政府指引,我們會確保在瑜伽和團體健身課堂中,維持適當的社交距離。
  • 帶氧運動器械設備會設有1.5米的社交距離或以屏幕隔開。至於重訓設備亦已重新分佈,以避免用家處於同一個呼吸區域。
  • 訪客於接待處排隊時需保持1米社交距離
  • 蒸氣房和桑拿房仍然關閉,直至另行通知
  • 由9月18日開始,每位持卡人每日只限提早預約兩個團體健身及兩個瑜伽課堂,您亦可於現場候補課堂。




1) 如何申請合約延長?
申請合約延長前,請參閱我們PURE Fitness及PURE Yoga的合約延長政策。

2) 如何重啟合約?

3) 如何終止合約?
如欲申請終止合約,請先參閱我們PURE Fitness及PURE Yoga的終止合約政策。所有申請皆須填妥相關表格,表格於任何一間PURE中心均有提供。如您不便到訪我們的中心,請聯絡我們。

如有其他查詢,請透過PURE 360 Lifestyle應用程式聯絡我們  (請到個人資料>設定>聯絡我們)或透過PURE網站電郵我們 (請到網頁下方的聯絡我們)