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Personal Trainers > Ben Bradley

Kickboxing/Boxing Coach
Stretch & Recovery Specialist

Personal Trainers > Ben Bradley

Ben has a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, having worked as a personal trainer with PURE Fitness for over a decade. Over the years, he has worked with an array of clients from different backgrounds to improve their mobility, strength, and overall body functioning. Ben's experiences have allowed him to develop tailored programmes that fit his client's needs and fulfilment. Within training, a wide variety of gym equipment and tools at different phases bring diversity to the regime.

Ben claims that "Fitness is a lifelong process that is never finite. While it can be easy to fall off a goal-oriented track, the process of development along a straightforward path is more achievable with team work and a sound plan. Let's work together and create magic."

Qualification Highlights

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology, San Francisco State University
  • International Personal Training Certification, NASM
  • Performance Specialist Certification (Phase 1 XPS), EXOS
  • Global Personal Training Certification, Personal Training Academy
  • TRX Group Suspension Training Certification
  • Stick Mobility Movement Made Better Certification
  • TRX RIP Training Certification
  • Kettlebell Instructor Certification Level 1, Agatsu
  • Indian Club & Mace Certification Level 1, Agatsu
  • PowerPlate Certification, PURE Fitness
  • Kinesis Basic Training Certification, Technogym
  • BOSU Personal Training Certification (by Douglas Brooks)
  • VIPR (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning) Certification
  • Joint Mobility and Movement Instructor Certification, Agatsu
  • PTA Global Personal Trainer Certification
  • Blue belt status in judo, 1997
  • 1997 Starbrook Sports International Judo Grading – Bronze Medalist
  • 1996 Starbrook Sports International Judo Grading – Bronze Medalist
  • 1994 Starbrook Sports International Judo Grading – Bronze Medalist
  • 1992 Amateur Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong silver medalist
  • 1992 Starbrook Sports International Judo Grading – Gold Medalist
  • 1991 Starbrook Sports International Judo Grading – Outstanding Player Award
  • Hong Kong Football Club - Member of the HKFC Colts football team for two years, playing in the Yau Yee League second division.
  • Berenice Football Club - Member of the Berenice Sports Club first team in the California Premier Soccer Association Premier Division in San Francisco.
  • Hong Kong Football Club - Member of the Lucky Mile football team in the third division of the Hong Kong Football Association league.

Final Thought:

A strong body and mind are essential tools in dealing with contemporary life challenges, whether sporting and competitive or simply carrying grocery bags up a flight of stairs.

What Ben Trains

Body-Building/ Figure Competition
Endurance Sport (running/triathlon etc)
Gymnastic Movement
Metabolic Specialist (weight loss/gain)
Speed, Agility, Quickness
Stretch & Recovery
Strongman/ Strength Sport

Ben's Other Specialties

NASM,PTA Global,ViPR, Power Plate, TRX, BOSU, Kettlebell Movement & Mobility ,Bachelor of Science Kinesiology Degree, Judo, Football, Swimming, Tennis

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